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List of projects we’ve funded

November 1, 2013

The projects that we have funded so far are:

  • Young at Heart – £1,500 to help run monthly get-togethers for older residents.
  • Newsome Unites – £345 for Jubilee activities at Edale sheltered housing.
  • Newsome LEP – £870 towards the Newsome Jubilee in and around St. John’s Church.
  • The Welcome Centre – £2,500 to provide essentials for local people who are in crisis.
  • Community Cards – £1,000 to help create new cards from old and support participants.
  • Newsome Scouts – £1,500 towards creating a new meeting room at the Scout Hall.
  • Longley & Lowerhouses Community Church – £2,500 for a community cooker and pans.
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Trust (Stirley Farm) – £970 for the Newsome Bee Wise roadshow.
  • Messy Monkeys – £2,076 for children’s craft activity sessions in Lowerhouses.
  • Streetbikes – £1,320 for cycling sessions for children and adults, plus bike mechanic sessions.
  • Worth Unlimited – £2,500 for running a Friday night youth club for children aged up to 16.
  • Newsome Timebanking – £2,500 to help tackle loneliness and isolation of vulnerable people.
  • Growing Newsome – £2,500 to help people grow and share their own food together.
  • Parents Around Lowerhouses – £624 for equipment to help volunteers run the group.
  • Longley and Lowerhouses Welcome Pack – £2,450 to create a welcome pack and training.
  • Berry Brow Carnival Committee – £500 for community activities at the 2013 Carnival.
  • One Good Turn – £1,976 to support volunteers in providing free items for local people in need.
  • United Response – £1,500 for Remembering Newsome, helping people live well with dementia.
  • The Reading Circle – £1,150 for a ‘virtual’ reading and creative writing group for isolated people.
  • Worth Unlimited – £2,500 to open a drop-in cafe and run cooking activities in Lowerhouses.
  • Streetbikes – £2,500 for community cycling activities and 25 bikes + helmets to give away.
  • Newsome Bowling Club – £2,305 for equipment to set up a community-owned bowling club.
  • Parents Around Lowerhouses – £1,000 for a planting project outside Lowerhouses School.
  • Talkthru – £2,500 for a Counselling Support service and Baby Equipment Recycling Project.
  • Newsome Panthers – £1,544 for improvements to the community playing fields at Hall Bower.
  • S2R – £1,500 for helping people to learn about beekeeping and wellbeing.
  • Community Cards – £1,520 to help the Community Cards project continue to develop.
  • Newsome South Methodist Church – £825 for Community Gospel Choir Workshops.
  • Newsome LEP – £1,567 for ‘Brass’ community events about financial wellbeing.
  • Newsome Scouts – £2,500 for extra furniture to help people make more use of the Scout Hall.
  • Newsome Community Sports and Bowling Club – £750 for improvements to the Tea Room.
  • Streetbikes – £2,498 for cycling activities and a Women and Families Cycling Club in Newsome.
  • Berry Brow Carnival Committee – £969 to buy craft materials for community activities.
  • Hoot Creative Arts – £2,500 for creative sessions to support people with dementia.
  • Newsome Football Club – £2,500 to help provide new changing facilities at the club.
  • Growing Newsome – £1,600 for ‘Seed sowing for all the seasons’ to help local food growers.
  • Worth – £2,466 for Lowerhouses Youth & Community Club inc. cooking club & drop-in cafe.
  • Environmental Alliance Ltd – £927 for improvements to Hey Green Community Orchard.
  • Hall Bower Cricket Club – £1,996 for equipment to support the junior cricket teams.


Other funds that we have spent:

  • Year one expenses – £63 for promotional materials.
  • Year two expenses – £509 for community research, hall hire and promotional materials.
  • Community Plan – £2,000 to help create our Community Plan for the Newsome Ward.
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